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Time & Attendance software for employees

ZebiHR’s time & attendance software is unique in that it was built to solve our own challenges of tracking work hours. Combining user-friendly time tracking apps with in-depth reports and attendance rule engine gives you everything you need to track employee hours. It’s a complete time management platform with accurate time tracking software at its core.

Benefits of time & attendance software

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No financial leakage 
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Track employee hours
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Systemized implementation 

Our powerful features

Employee hours tracker

Clock in and out easily without any extensive training. Track every minute spent by employees, including if work hours are insufficient or overtime

T&A rules

Setup threshold for late coming or early leaving, penalise regular defaulters and also track minimum work hours for getting a full / half day attendance

Shift Management

Support Fixed, Flexible (Roster) and Rotational shifts to support organisation in planning for delivery of their operations with sufficient manpower in every shift.

Leave Management

Enable and disable all kinds of leaves as per statutory guidelines and define policies for carry forward, half day applicability as well as configure monthly leave limits


Tool for administrators to correct attendance data in case the punch times were not recorded for employees or missed for any reasons outside their control

Holidays & Week Off’s

Define configurable holiday groups and fixed or flexible week off’s based on the needs of the business with override abilities right upto the employee levels

People are the key to workplace excellence. If you give HR knowledge and time to work with people, they can build the kind of culture, policies, and people practises that set entire organisations free to be better at what they do. And when you give employees the power to help themselves, they feel more valued and capable as contributors rather than simple assets. ZebiHR is designed to do both. 

That’s what makes us different!

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