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Security is a primary concern in today’s SaaS market. In the past decade, there’s been a fundamental shift in how companies do business online, and many customers still don’t trust or understand the changes that have occurred.

For us building credibility as a cloud-based business is now harder than ever & hence we have a strong focus on keeping your data secure and communicating that security to our users. However, just understanding the concern exists isn’t enough — we have concrete security measures in place that customers can understand.

Our Clients

3 layers of data security

With proper security measures in place, we’re more likely to protect your data from outside attack. These measures are put in place throughout our technology stack. Think about our technology like a layer cake, where each part of the stack builds on the next to create a secure environment.

Data Security

Infrastructure is the software used in the lower part of your technology stack. All our Infrastructure comes from AWS, helping us building a secure SaaS product from this base layer.


Moving a bit further up the server-side stack, our network security ensures that whenever someone accesses the product, that connection is secure. It’s one of the most vulnerable to attack from malicious actors. We make sure to have automated processes in place to identify, log, and send alerts for potential issues.

Application and Software

This layer cross both the server-side and client-side parts of our technology stack. We use the software to capture, manage, store, and analyze your data. Our security focuses on this layer to maintain compliance across the board. Also we regularly vet the applications and software we build to ensure there aren’t potential points of failure and / or data leakages. Our software follows proper encryption for critical data elements so that in the event of a breach, your data isn’t immediately out there for all to see.

We strongly advocate that you always setup and regularly update a strong password in lines with our password compliance policy

People are the key to workplace excellence. If you give HR knowledge and time to work with people, they can build the kind of culture, policies, and people practises that set entire organisations free to be better at what they do. And when you give employees the power to help themselves, they feel more valued and capable as contributors rather than simple assets. ZebiHR is designed to do both. 

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