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What are the must-have features in HR software?

HR Software is a tool that makes managing your employees easier. HR software helps you save time and automate your simple and daily tasks such as tracking attendance, applying for leave, and payroll processing. By using this software you'll spend less time tracking and more time growing your business. Organisations have truly begun to benefit from as they can see the growth of the company. HR software programs offer customizable and flexible solutions for all requirements and budgets.

Some must-have features in an HR software:

  • Attendance Management:

An attendance management software is a must in all organisations in today’s ever changing and fast paced workplace. If the organisation ever had to do it manually, you can understand how difficult it would be. By switching to attendance management you can reduce the paper consumption and the inputs put forth by an employee.

  • Automated Payroll:

Online payroll software solutions make automated payments to your employees accounts, and keep track of those payments. Payroll automation helps you manage holiday hours and overtime calculations. Automated payroll simplifies some of the most complex tasks of calculating the tax. This solution helps the management design and implement proper salary structures of specific employees.

  • Leave Management:

A leave management system is an online manager that allows you to automate leave requesting and approval (denial). The leave management system enables employees to request time-off, vacations, and maternity leaves as well as automated workflows that route these requests to relevant HR specialists for approval, and notifies employees about the decisions.

  • Employee Engagement:

Employee engagement software helps organisations to boost employee satisfaction and understanding the employees by their feedback through surveys and polls.An employee engagement management software lets you check the pulse of your organisation on a regular basis. You can do it efficiently with pulse surveys.

  • Help Desk:

A service desk software solution helps you define how a ticket will be resolved; from receiving the query, assigning it to the desk agent, to resolving the query and collecting employee feedback. It helps everyone in your team clearly understand their role within the service desk and what is expected of each other, and empowers them to execute it perfectly.

  • Expense Management:

Making expense reports might seem fairly a straightforward process yet it is anything but simple. And, if you still rely on manual processes, it is a headache for everyone involved. You are not only causing waste of working hours for the organisation to make more mistakes, duplication, and loss of productivity.

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