Our Mission

To develop, implement and support businesses with programs and processes in Human Capital Management that adds value and leads to employee welfare, empowerment, growth and retention.

Our Story

ZebiHR started with the philosophy:

'For a company to be loved by its customers, it must first be loved by its employees!'

We realised that often companies in their bid for growth tend to forget the welfare of their own people. We at ZebiHR offer an Attendance Management System to the industry where you can easily implement your processes and policies with ZebiHR; thereby introducing discipline and compliance while also allowing the needed flexibility and empowerment to your people.

ZebiHR urges businesses to 'THINK BEYOND ATTENDANCE' as they move forward on the path of glory.

The Leadership team at ZebiHR, a cloud based Human Capital Management solution possesses several years of experience in product, technology, security systems & HR domain. They have been working with several Fortune 500 businesses in these areas earlier.

Driven by their vision of continually improved services and solutions for the Human Capital Management users, ZebiHR helps businesses implement modern day processes and policies with a high degree of automation. The extensive domain knowledge possessed by the leadership group has resulted into interactive dashboards for the business to measure compliance to policies as well as processes.

The team at ZebiHR works with an  objective to make the processes scalable and results predictable thereby minimising any needs for guessworks or assumptions against  business policies. 

Experienced Leadership