Our Solution

Attendance Management

Businesses can use ZebiHR's attendance suite to manage employee work schedules (including complex shifts, flexible week-offs and much more). Our solution comes with a fully configurable setup to define your policies and is ready with GeoTagging features when punching attendance from field or working from home

Employee Self Service

No people solution is ever complete without an interface for its people. ZebiHR's powerful web and mobile interface engages with employees directly so that they can view and manage their data themselves. This not only helps businesses build more transparency but also frees up the supervisors and HR's for better productive tasks

Leave Management

Businesses usually have specific policies when it comes to administering employee leaves. Managing absences of employees is central to achieving high productivity. Our solution comes ready with an approval workflow and offers alternatives to forward the leaves to dotted line managers as applicable

Visitor Management

Visitors and vendors make up at least 10 - 15% of the total footfall in a business place. ZebiHR's Smart Knock is a digital way of welcoming them. It comes with features for visitor pre-registration with QR codes and walking visitor approvals by employees in addition to logging visitor information.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Being a development house ourselves, we take pride in our ability to integrate with all your existing assets, be it software solutions or hardware devices. Our flexibility to integrate with your systems will mean a lower TCO, shorter implementation timeline and faster RoI as the changes happen only where necessary